Volume 1, issue 2 – December 2013

Volume 1(2)

Volume 1(2)

Download full volume Volume 1(2) – December 2013



Biodiversity conservation – from a crisis-discipline to proactive meta-population management – download pdf
Carl Traeholt and Wilson Novarino

News and Notes download pdf

Debate Forum

Preventing the extinction of the Sumatran rhinoceros – download pdf
Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Junaidi Payne and Zainal Zahari Zainuddin

Contributing papers

A preliminary test of a prediction from the rafting hypothesis for the presence of non-flying mammals on islands – download pdf
Alexander H. Harcourt and Erik Meijaard

Camera trapping as a conservation tool in a mixed-use landscape in East Kalimantan – download pdf
Deni Wahyudi and Rob Stuebing

Short communications

First breeding record of Banded Woodpecker Picus (Chrysophlegma miniaceus) in Indonesian Borneo – download pdf
Ahyadi Hasyim and Muhammad Iqbal

Students’ research projects download pdf 


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