Volume 2, issue 1 – October 2014

Volume 2(1) cover

Download full volume Volume 2(1) – October 2014



Indonesia 20-years after ratifying the Convention for Bioloical Diversity – a status check – download pdf
Carl Traeholt and Wilson Novarino

The Rufford Foundation: Grant Recipient Conference – download pdf
The Editors

News and Notes download pdf

Debate Forum

Bird thieves in Java show that Indonesian wildlife crime knows no boundaries – download pdf
Anais Tritto and Resit Sozer

Contributing papers

Genetic diversity of Macaca fascicularis (Cercopithecidae) from Penang, Malaysia as inferred from mitochondrial control region segment – download pdf
J.J. Rovie-Ryan, M. T. Abdullah, F. T. Sitam, S. G. Tan, Z. Z. Zainuddin, M. M. Basir, Z. Z. Abidin, C. Keliang, A. Denel, E. Joeneh and F. M. Ali

Asiatic Soft-shell Turtle (Amyda cartilaginea) in Indonesia: A Review of its Natural History and Harvest – download pdf
Mirza D. Kusrini, Ani Mardiastuti, Mumpuni, Awal Riyanto, Sri M. Ginting, and Badiah

Short communications

Aromatic Plants in Bali Botanic Garden Indonesia – download pdf
Wawan Sujarwo and Ida Bagus Ketut Arinasa

Not just mangroves: range expansion required for the mangrove whistler (Pachycephala grisola) on Borneo – download pdf
Marc L. Dragiewicz, David A. Ehlers Smith and Mark E. Harrison

First evidence breeding record of Hooded Pitta (Pitta Sordida) in mainland Sumatra, Indonesia – download pdf
Muhammad Iqbal, Ahmad Ridwan and Fadly Takari

Kalimantan’s tropical peat-swamp forests are important for Storm’s stork (Ciconia stormi) conservation – download pdf
Susan M. Cheyne, Simon J. Husson, Marc Dragiewicz, Lindy J. Thompson, Adul, Karen A. Jeffers, Suwido H. Limin and David A. Ehlers Smith

The Melaka Declartion 2014 download pdf


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